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no more still life.
October 11, 2009

the new modern white house.

[at least the art.]


hand to me.
August 11, 2009

this is the infamous clocktower apartment in brooklyn, the slide show is beautiful.

clothes horse.
June 10, 2009

faces made out of clothes, for online retailer yalook. whoa.

June 9, 2009

a new stainless steel sharpie. beautiful.

LAland art.
June 8, 2009


cueto project
June 6, 2009

saw this lively exhibit by nicolas darrot the other day.

medicine bags.
May 12, 2009

really into this: medicine_bag_u6c0

which brings me to listening to this.  a little feist, a little cocorosie, a little heartcore.

tangled angled alpha dog.
May 12, 2009

at the MoMA: Tangled Alphabets.

went last Friday, totally worth it. amazing. lots of really great exhibitions right now.

paper: pressed, stained, slashed, folded

some beautiful felt and fat by joseph beuys.

a lot of great drawings from the judith rothschild foundation.

project 89: klara liden.

the falcon.
May 11, 2009

a lookbook site of regular girls turned me onto this little shot.

like the light.

May 11, 2009

some tantalizing pictures of scissors.